About Us

We're Gary and Elaine Jack and originally came from the Scottish Borders where we had a small holding, keeping bees, chickens, ducks and grew many of our own vegetables, developing a more sustainable lifestyle. We moved to Wester Ross in 2017, with every intention of further developing our sustainable lifestyle, with the added benefit of the amazing scenery and community spirit.

Our ethos at Taigh Sonais:

We strive to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, using renewable energy and sustainable materials to build and run the house. We also believe that diet can have a massive impact on health and the environment. Therefore Gary is vegan and Elaine is vegetarian.

Free natural flowing energy comes from the river at the back of our croft, this powers our micro-hydro turbine, which in turns powers a Ground Source Heat Pump.

We have a wood burning stove in our kitchen and we're planning on planting a sustainable woodland on our croft to provide firewood (not to mention free food and board for the birds)

We harvest rainwater for flushing the w.c.

For clean, ‘green’ laundry and washing up we would be grateful if guests use the Ecover products provided. Use of these products also keeps our septic tank sewage system in good working order!

Off course, not forgetting recycling. Designated containers are provided for waste and recycling together with directions for disposal.

We also have an electrical vehicle charger (7KW/3.4kw) which guests can use and will be charged at cost.

Our aim is to achieve a Green Tourism Award.